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2011–2012       Certified trainer for sports climbing, Bundessportakademie Innsbruck, AT

2006–2009       Doctorate study in life sciences, Department of Nutritional Science, University of Vienna, AT; Thesis: Quantification of physical activity in Austrian adults

2001–2006       Diploma study of sport science, University of Vienna, AT


Career history

since 2016       Research Coordinator, Department of Health Sciences, FH Campus Wien / University of Applied Sciences, AT

2014–2015      Scientific Project Manager, ILSI Europe, BE

2009–2012      Scientific Staff, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Vienna, AT

since 2007       Visiting Lecturer, Department of Nutritional Sciences, University of Vienna, AT


External publications

Journal articles

Eckler U, Greisberger A, Höhne F, Putz P (2017) Blended learning versus traditional teaching-learning-setting: Evaluation of cognitive and affective learning outcomes for the inter-professional field of occupational medicine and prevention. International Journal of Health Professions 4(2), 109–121

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Widhalm K, Klinger M, Kaufmann C, Kabbani M, Menz J, Putz P (2017) Dynamic functional leg alignment in healthy young adults during a stair ascent and descent: an explorative pilot study. Gait & Posture 57 (S1), 171–172

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Rogers PJ, Hogenkamp PS, de Graaf K, Higgs S, Lluch S, Ness AR, Penfold C, Perry R, Putz P, Yeomans MR, and Mela DJ (2016) Does low-energy sweetener consumption affect energy intake and body weight? A systematic review, including meta-analyses, of the evidence from human and animal studies. International Journal of Obesity 40, 381–394 (corresponding authorship)

Hegyi A, Viola K, Gyuró A, Sebők A, Vidry A, Putz P, Bánáti D (2015) Needs and difficulties of food businesses in the substantiation of health and nutrition claims. Proceedings in System Dynamics and Innovation in Food Networks (2015), 226-253

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Putz P, Elmadfa I (2011) Health enhancing physical activity in Austrian pupils. Preliminary results of the ASNS 2010/11 study. Ernährung 35(10), 428-429

Putz P, Elmadfa I (2008) Methoden zur Erfassung der körperlichen Aktivität am Beispiel der Studie ÖSES.pal07. (Methods for estimating physical activity in the study ASNS.pal07). Ernährung 32(11), 467-468

Book contributions

Putz P (2013) Messung der Physical Activity Levels zur Schätzung des Energiebedarfs. In: Elmadfa I (ed): Referenzwerte für die tägliche Nährstoffzufuhr. Zwischen wissenschaftlicher Ableitung und praktischer Anwendung. Stuttgart: Wissenschaftliche Verlagsgesellschaft mbH, S. 14–17.

Elmadfa I et al. (2012) Österreichischer Ernährungsbericht 2012 (Austrian Nutrition Report 2012). Vienna

Elmadfa I (ed) (2009) European Nutrition and Health Report 2009. Forum of Nutrition Vol. 62. Karger, Basel

Elmadfa I et al. (2009) Österreichischer Ernährungsbericht 2008 (Austrian Nutrition Report 2008). Vienna

Plenary Talks

Nahrungsergänzungsmittel und diätetische Maßnahmen zur Leistungssteigerung im Sportklettern – wissenschaftliche Evidenz und Mythen (Dietary supplements and dietetic approaches to improve performance in sports climbing – scientific evidence and myths). 2. Interdisziplinäres Klettersymposium, October 2017, Vienna, AT

Introduction to the ILSI Europe’s Workshop “The gut microbiome: our misunderstood friend and foe”. December 2015, Brussels, BE

Performance Nutrition. Federal education of sports trainers at the Bundessportakademie Innsbruck. December 2012, Innsbruck, AT

Messung der Physical Activity Levels zur Schätzung des Energiebedarfs (Measuring physical activity levels for the estimation of human energy requirements). Meeting of the German Speaking Nutrition Societies, 2012, Vienna, AT

Körperliche Aktivität zwischen Theorie und Praxis (Physical activity in theory and practice). Symposium for the presentation of the Austrian Nutrition Report 2008, 2009, Vienna, AT

Methoden zur Erfassung der körperlichen Aktivität am Beispiel der Studie ÖSES.pal07 (Methods for measuring physical activity in the ASNS.pal07 study). Austrian Nutrition Society-Annual Meeting 2008, Vienna, AT


Research Projects

2018-2019     JOSEPHA Phase 1 – Shire Investigator Initiated Research Grant (Coordinator)

2017-2018     Entwicklung und Validierung des Wiener Ernährungsprotokolls – FFG Innovationsscheck Plus (Coordinator)

2017               callogs appcheck, Austrian Research Promotion Agency – Innovationsscheck Plus (Coordinator)

2016–             COST Action IS1406, supported by the EU Framework Programme Horizon 2020 (Management Committee Substitute)

2015               FoodBall, JPI joint Action (Member of Scientific Advisory Board)

2014–2015      PATHWAY-27, European Commission FP7 (Scientific staff of work package leader)

2014–2015      ILSI Europe Functional Foods Expert Groups (Scientific Project Manager)

2014–2015      ILSI Europe Eating Behaviour and Energy Balance Expert Groups (Scientific Project Manager)

2014–2015      ILSI Europe Obesity and Diabetes Expert Groups (Scientific Project Manager)

2009–2012      Austrian Nutrition Report 2012, Austrian Ministry of Health (Scientific staff of coordinator)

2007–2009      European Nutrition and Health Report 2009, European Commission FP6 (Scientific staff of coordinator)

2007–2009      Austrian Nutrition Report 2008, Austrian Ministry of Health (Scientific staff of coordinator)


Teaching at the University of Vienna

since 2011       Lecture: Health monitoring in Europe

since 2011       Seminar: Public health nutrition: EU basics

since 2008       Course: Energy expenditure and physical activity levels

2008–2011      Course: Human nutrition

2008–2011      Tutorial: Data processing and biometrics