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1993 – 1997: Electrical Engineering TU Vienna
1998 -2014: PhD TU Vienna

Professional Experience
1998 – 2012: Siemens AG
2012 – 2016: Siemens CVC
2016 – 2018: WS Technology GmbH
2018 – 2019: Bosch AG

2009 – 2020: Guest Lecturer FH Kärnten, Klagenfurt

Since November 2019: Teaching and research at FH Campus Vienna, Computer Science and Digital Communications

Since February 2021: Artificial Intelligence Stiftungsprofessor der Stadt Wien


Deep Learning and Virtual Reality (Master)

Virtual and Augmented Reality (Bachelor)

Introduction to AI (Bachelor)

Book Contributions
H. Xiaoben, M. Bublin, J. Hämäläinen and R. Jäntti: ”Self-organized and Bio-inspired Radio Resource Management for WiMAX” Chapter 6 in the book: E. Vivier and G. Vivier (Editors): “Radio Resources Management in Wimax: From Theoretical Capacity to System Simulations”, Wiley, April 2009.

Journal publications
M. Bublin, M. Konegger, P. Slanina: “A Cost Function based Dynamic Channel Allocation and its Limits”, IEEE Transactions on Vehicular Technology, Vol. 56, Issue 4, Part 2, pp. 2286-2295, July 2007.
M. Bublin, S. Causevic: “Spectrum and Infrastructure Sharing in Wireless Mobile Networks: Advantages and Risks”, Promet, Traffic&Transportation, Zagreb, Croatia, Vol.20, Issue 4, pp. 221-225, July 2008.

M. Bublin: „Event Detection for Distributed Acoustic Sensing: Combining Knowledge-Based, Classical Machine Learning, and Deep Learning Approaches.“ Sensors 21.22 (2021): 7527.

Reviewed conference papers
M. Bublin, G. Diernhofer, C. F. Mecklenbräuker, T. Pacic, J. Plogsties, P. Slanina: “Simulation of smart antennas in 3G mobile systems”, Proceedings 4th European Personal Mobile Communications Conference EPMCC 2001, Vienna, Feb. 2001.
M. Bublin, G. Ostermayer: “Comparison of Interference Based Dynamic Channel Allocation Algorithms in mobile Networks”, in Proc. of the IEEE SoftCOM’03, Split-Rijeka-Trieste-Venice, Croatia-Croatia-Italy-Italy, Oct. 2003.
M. Bublin, D. Bosanska,O. Hlinka, P. Slanina: “A Self-Adaptive, Utility-based Scheduling for Wireless Cellular Networks”, 16th Mobile and Wireless Summit; Budapest, Hungary, 1. – 7. July 2007.
M. Bublin, I. Kambourov, D. Bosanska, O. Hlinka, O. Hrdlicka, P. Svac, P. Slanina: “Inter-cell Interference Management by Dynamic Channel Allocation, Scheduling and Smart Antennas”, 16th Mobile and Wireless Summit; Budapest, Hungary, 1. – 7. July 2007.
M. Bublin, J. Pan, I. Kambourov, P. Slanina: ”Distributed Spectrum Sharing by Reinforcement and Game Theory”, accepted, 5th Karlsruhe Workshop on Software Radios, 5. – 6. March 2008.
J. Pan, P. Slanina, T. Renk, M. Bublin, I. Kambourov,: ”A cognitive pilot channel system design approach”, 5th Karlsruhe Workshop on Software Radios, 5. – 6. March 2008.

Bublin, M., Schefer-Wenzl, S., Miladinovic I.: “Educating AI Software Engineers: Challenges and Opportunities” in Proceedings of the 24rd International Conference on Interactive Collaborative Learning (ICL2021), Springer International Publishing, 2021.

Invited conference presentations
M. Bublin, I. Kambourov: “WINNER – Wireless World Initiative New Radio”, SympoTIC’06, Bratislava, Slovakia, 24. – 27. June 2006.
M. Bublin, G. Mange, M. Olsson, J.P. Javaudin: “WINNER II Inter-cell interference mitigation techniques”, PIMRC, Athens, Greece, 3. – 7. September 2007.
Other publications:
M. Bublin: “Machine Learning for Distributed Acoustic Sensors, Classic versus Image and Deep Neural Networks Approach”, https://arxiv.org/abs/1904.11546, posted on 25.04.2019.

C. Ball, M. Bublin, M. Garcia-Larrode, K. Ivanov, R. Muellner, G. Ostermayer, P. Slanina, T. Stark: “Dynamic channel allocation for mobile systems”, Filling date 09.07.2002, granted in Germany.
M. Bublin, P. Slanina: “A method and a system for adaptation of a modulation and coding scheme”, EP filling date 21.03.2007.
V. Breuer, M. Bublin, R. Halfmann, P. Slanina, W. Zirwas: “Method and apparatus for transmitting measurement reports in a radio communication system” EP filling date 24.10.2007.
P. Slanina, M. Bublin, I. Kambourov: “Method for time synchronisation in a radio communication system”, EP filling date 25.10.2012, granted 18.05.2016.
P. Slanina, M. Bublin, R. Kronlachner: “Method for suppressing a radio transmission in a cellular radio networ ”, EP filling date 19.03.2013.
P. Slanina, M. Bublin, I. Kambourov: “Method for Doppler frequency offset correction in a cellular radio communication system with a base station and a mobile unit on board of a vehicle moving with high velocity, in particular an aircraft”, EP filling date 19.09.2012, granted 27.04.2016.
P. Slanina, M. Bublin: “Method for determining position of moving object i.e. persons, in inner area environment e.g. tunnel, involves assigning signal sources to distribution assemblies, and deriving position of object from combination of values and signal”, DE filling date 09.08.2012.
M. Bublin: “A Method and Systems for Determining Event Parameters of an Object”, EP filling date 09.01.2017.

PhD Thesis
M. Bublin: “A Pricing and Game Theory based Approach to Radio Resource Management”, TU Vienna, November 2004. http://media.obvsg.at/AC04377590-2001

Diploma Thesis
M. Bublin: “VHDL-Implementierung eines GSM-Kanalcodecs”, TU Vienna, December 1997

Artificial Intelligence, Machine/Deep Learning, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Robotics, Human-Robot Collaboration,